Welcome to 78 Below, New York City's newest live music venue.  Bar or tavern, restaurant, whatever you want to call us is fine.  At the end of the day, its 78 Below;  the place to meet great people, listen to great live music, or hold your corporate or personal event.  Note, that our kitchen is now open, we have party space, and can host events while we are open, or a private party if you like.  Please take a look at us. We live on Manhattan's Upper West side, and you can get to us easily by many subway lines.

BIG NEWS!  78 Below is now proffering stock!  Yes, if you've ever wanted to own a piece of a great music venue, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!  This offer will be good for a very limited time, but if you interested in owning a piece of us, drop an email, and we will respond promptly!
Great News!  

We are now hosting parties, lots of parties, open to the public, private and even for children!  When you are planning your next event, I hope you will consider us!

Now you can follow us on Twitter too!  78BelowNYC for last minute updates and if anyone walks in who you'd like to see, hear or meet!

THIS WEEK!  Happy Halloween!  This week is a huge week at 78 Below!  We are now OPEN FOR HAPPY HOUR!  The week kicks off on Monday with Bad Dog Bad, vocals by the fantastic Tracy Braithwaite! then Open Mic!  Patrick O'Connell hosts this event.  Choose your songs, your poetry, your comedy, your words, and over!  Tuesday It's Jonny Rosch!  Jonny is bringing our great friend who is a great guitarist just off tour with Steely Dan, Jon Herrington Sherisse Rogers on bass, Camille Gainer Jones on drums!    What a g
reat band with great Vocals! WHAT a NIGHT!  Wednesday, It's Benny and the Spyders!  Benny Harrison returns to our stage with his family of musicians who are the best and NEVER disappoint!  This is  a night not to be missed, with many special guests!    Thursday, oh yeah, it's Halloween!  Put on your favorite costume and come to 78 Below for our Halloween Party!  Benny Landa and the Skyscrapers will be playing!  Fun band, and it will be a fun night filled with ghosts, goblins, witches and good booze and food! C'mon out!!  Friday, at 8:00, it's the return of the very talented Ms Clara Lofaro, and at 10:00 it's the return of our good friends and love this band, Fausto and the Weeds!  These guys do everything from Muddy Waters to Pink Floyd, and are great fun!  Saturday night, it's our good friend Chris Barnes and his Brethren of Blues!  Chris brings badass musicians to entertain and excite you.  He's funny, entertaining, and oh yeah, what a band!  Sunday, TJ's Lazy Blues Jam, starting at 4 then Karaoke starting at 9!  A great week lineup!  You can come one night, you can come every night, and go home humming a happy tune that you spent a had a great night of music at 78 Below!


MONDAY, Watch a game, play a game, eat some food, and relax!  Open Mic night!  

TUESDAY, It's Jonny Rosch and his fabulous friends Jon Herrington, Sherisse Rogers, Camille Gainer Johnes!  The fall return of this great band with this great sound!

WEDNESDAY, at 8, Benny and the Spyders brings his family affair of great musicians!

THURSDAY, 10:00 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Benny Landa and the Skyscrapers!  

FRIDAY, 8:00 Clara LoFaro, 10:00 Fausto and the Weeds

SATURDAY, 10:00 Chris Barnes Brethren of Blues

SUNDAY, 4:00 TJ's Lazy Sunday Blues Jam, 9:00 Karoake!

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